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Football is more than a just a game. We look forward to using the power of our national game to make a difference.

The Offside Trust

In November 2016, British football was rocked by a series of high-profile revelations regarding historic child sexual abuse. Several former professional players bravely waived their right to anonymity to speak out about their ordeals.

A number of those involved decided to set up The Offside Trust, a new organisation committed to supporting survivors and working to ensure that children involved in sport are safe, always.

The Trust is led by ex-footballer Steve Walters and former professional golfer Chris Unsworth, whose stories have inspired hundreds of people to speak out for the first time about their abuse. It is supported by a number of ambassadors, including Micky Fallon, Jason Dunford, Dean Radford and Billy Seymour.

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Football Gives Hope

Football connects people. Human Appeal’s new campaign, Football Gives Hope, is led by professional freestyle footballer Colin Nell and will engage with displaced children living in Turkey through the shared medium of sport.

Child refugees and migrants in Europe need immediate support. Many refugee and migrant children have travelled to Turkey alone, risking their lives in search of safety. They need a safe place where they can learn and play. Every day, more children are making the dangerous journey across Europe. They are exposed to the harsh elements as well as to violence, abuse and exploitation and need our protection.   

Football can be a vehicle for delivering hope and inspiration to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Through donations Football Gives Hope is delivering football sessions, designing team building exercises to develop self-awareness and leadership skills, running class-room based workshops, training local coaches and enabling young people to form long-term relationships that will support them throughout their teens and into adult life.

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